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Hello There!

My name is Ethan, I'm an undergraduate at Colorado State University studying Computer Science. I am also currently working as a research assistant for CSU's Natural User Interaction lab.

My Projects

Projects that I have contributed to or created (in no particular order). If you would like to see more or check out the code for this site feel free to take a look at my GitHub.


A hackCU VI project created by my friends and I. Our website attempts to deal with complex API's by creating one with the click of a button. (fourth place winner)


Homebrew tap, written in C++ that creates a graphical animation of Conways Game of Life in the terminal.


Homebrew tap which generates a README in the current directory, and prompts the user for fillable fields like the project name and gitHub username.

Object Manipulation

Project with CSU's NUILab to determine the most comfortable way to deal with grabbing individual objects in a virtual environment. Built with unity's XR Toolkit on the Oculus Quest.

Student Setup

Bits and pieces of my setup as a full time student and developer. If you're interested in the tools I use to get work done look no further.

Irish Tweet Classifier

Edited bayesian classifier for sorting ulster and non-ulster Irish tweets. Won Kaggle competition in the Saint Louis University Managing Big Data course.

Learning the Terminal

How to get started on the terminal as a complete beginner.

My Resume

  • Work Experience

  • Research

    NUILab - 2020 - Current

    Currently working as a research assistant with the Natural User Interaction team at CSU. Projects im working on or have completed can be found in the projects section above.

  • iOS Development

    Mayo Clinic - 2019 - Current

    Writing a custom iOS application for patient vaccination information and organization.

  • iOS Development

    Douglas County Sherriffs Office - 2019 - 2020

    Writing custom iOS application for Douglas County Sheriffs Office, along with designing and creating a secure back-end using AWS Lambda and APIGateway.

  • IT Intern

    Valor - 2016 - 2018

    Worked as an Intern providing support for help desk tickets. Along with the management and distrobution of 500 devices on their JAMF network.

  • Medical Assistant

    Express Care Cheyenne - May 2016 - July 2016

    Worked as a medical assistant and scribe. Took vitals and completed strep, urine and vision tests.

  • Other

  • HackCU VI

    Project: !Backend

    Hackathon project which creates python API's without a complicated setup process. Won fourth place overall in the competition. (Details)

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